About Us


We are an investor-led group reshaping the future of the hospitality industry. Our approach addresses an underserved market niche of travelers who prefer residential-style, short-term accommodations, but wish to enjoy the same stability, consistency, and commitment to service that is typically offered by leading hotel brands.

The solution is YouRent – a national, fast-growing, short-term vacation rental provider headquartered in Miami, Florida. Through YouRent, travelers can access our portfolio of acquired and managed residential condominium and apartment properties in prominent downtown areas within the cities in which they are located.

Standardized design, centralized management, and ongoing positive guest experiences are of the cornerstones of our business model and elements of the acquisition strategy we require for any and all new properties or destinations in our portfolio.

Executive Team

Insight. Experience. Innovation.

Behind the unique Vacation Rentals LLC offering is a team of recognized experts in fields ranging from real estate and hospitality, to customer service, sales, and finance. Their collaborative efforts, combined with an energetic, hands-on philosophy, are key to the strong performance of the Vacation Rentals LLC portfolio.